If you're going to San Francisco

这天看The lone admin的vmworld 2012攻略看到这样有趣的一段:

If you go to the Toronado the bartenders are notoriously intolerant of beer n00bs. Do not, under any circumstances, mention Miller or Budweiser products unless you’re referring to the original, Budvar. If you don’t know what you’d like you should at least know what type of beer you’d be willing to have, like an amber, bock, porter, stout, lager, Belgian, etc. I’ve had great recommendations by politely and succinctly asking if they can recommend a local porter, or if they have a favorite Belgian.

他说的Toronado指的是在San Francisco的Toronado Pub,数了数,那里提供接近40种不同的啤酒。其中有种名为“Dogfish Head"、浓度为12%的Wood aged dark ale很是让我感兴趣。

而关于Budvar的故事,请看wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Budvar

最后悼念一下于几天前去世的民谣歌手Scott McKenzie,"San Francisco"这首歌应该人人都听过吧?